It’s hard to find someone who loves reading books but isn’t acquainted with Paolo Coelho. Coelho is the most thrilling Brazilian Author who has the tremendous lifestyle that his parents have to even send him to psychiatric hospital. After dropping out from law school, he started travelling.Santiago de Compostela is where he started his dream of becoming an Author.
Coelho is the Author of 30 books and most of them are best selling books of all time.Of them 320 million copies in 170 countries have been sold by now.Moreover 115 awards and honours includes his calendar.From many incredible written masterpieces,here are the best 3 selling books you don’t want to miss.


The Alchemist

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Prduct Description:

The psychological novel Alchemist is more than a journey with the experience of an Andalusian shepherd that deals with power,inner personal chemistry and own belief with fear of being a failure.

It’s a genuine picture that proves if you truly want anything,the soul including the whole universe will conspire to do so.

The story hits you on your mind that guides you to discover yourself when you start understanding how to listen.

And your eyes show the strength of your soul.Since we strive to become better than we are, everything around us becomes better itself.

Combining magic, adventure mistry, it leads oneself through the journey of self discovery that has sold million copies around the world by now.(new york times best seller)

Book description

Print length-208 pages ,Language- English, Publisher-HarperOne, ASIN : 0062315005 Dimensions : 7.9 x 5.1 x 0.8 inches, Best Sellers Rank: 4.7 out of 54.7 out of 5

The Winner Stands Alone

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Customer reviews :4.3 out of 5

After the milestone bestselling of The Alchemist,count yourself for another masterpiece on your list for the winners stand alone.The superclass’s story is how Mr. Coelho describes the book.

The winner stands alone is a novel of suspense that mirrors the ultimate delusion of culture within high class celebrities who made the dreamworld of fashion and film media.

We see Igor,a russian millionaire who goes crazy on finding the attention of his wife Ewa,enters into the criminal savoy world and fashion,a delusion of life that leads us questioning ourselves of the world we live in.

Book description:
Print length, 384 pages, Language English, Dimensions 1.1 x 5.3 x 7.9 inches


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Customer reviews: 4.5 out of 5

The master of storyteller has another gift for coelho lovers. Brida,is a story run by a journey of a young irish girl in search of finding wisdom & knowledge. A combination of witchcraft,spirituality,mistry,religion,self searching,finding soulmate,human emotions upside down etc gives the novel a living spirituality. The charcoal life experience is a story for readers, enthusiasm for the believers, gateway for the thinkers.

Book description

Print length 256 pages, Language English, Dimensions 5.31 x 0.58 x 8 inches,
Publisher : HarperOne, ISBN-10 : 9780061578953 ,ISBN-13 : 978-0061578953

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